How it works?

Leadb Email Finder For LinkedIn helps you to find email addresses instantly on any LinkedIn profile

Install Leadb Chrome Extension

Go to LinkedIn Page

Click on Leadb icon and reveal email of the LinkedIn profile


Get More Information about the prospect

  • Verified Email Address
  • Title & Department
  • Company Name, Website
  • Industry, Revenue, Employee Count

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Leadb Chrome Extension Free to use?

Yes, It requires a free account that provides 50 credits every month. You can upgrade to get more credits

2. How the credits are used?

Every time you visit a linkedIn profile and see email of the profile one credit will be used

3. What if the email address bounces?

If you're on a paid subscription and email address that we found bounces, we give back the credits

4. How many leads can I search for?

Search is unlimited, but the number of email address shown depends limit on the plan you're in

5. How do i uninstall the chrome extension?

Visit the chrome extension page and click on Remove from chrome. The extension will be uninstalled