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  • Do you have a list of domains? You want to find leads in those domains? Put them in a CSV file and upload to our bulk search and we find leads for you.
  • Account based marketing (ABM) is a buzz word now a days and you can also start that now by generating leads based on your targeted accounts.
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  • No more searching by single account - Don't need to get frustrated by searching by single domain everytime. Put all together and finds leads in those accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the bulk search work?

Put list of company domains in a CSV file and upload the file to bulk search and it seemlessly finds leads in those companies in seconds and you will able to view the contact details of those leads.

Is there any max limit for number of prospects in a file?

Yes, you can upload only 5,000 records in a single file. Beyond that we throw an error.

Is the bulk search available in Free plan?

Yes, it is available to all the users in in Leadb.

Does credits reduced when I use bulk search?

No, we don't reduce credits for bulk search performed.

How much time it takes for a file with 5,000 records?

It usually takes less than 5 seconds to find contacts in 5,000 companies.

What is the format of the CSV file?

The format is one domain in each line. If the format is not correct, we don't provide contacts.