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Find Email

  • If you know the first name, last name and the company domain of anyone then just find their business emails in a second and start getting in touch with that person.

Bulk Email Finder

  • Do you have a list of person first name, last name and domain? You can just put them in a CSV in first name, last name, domain format and upload to our bulk email finder tool. It magically works and finds you the right email addresses.
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  • For email we find, we deduct one credit from your account. If you run out of credits you can always contact our support or you can upgrade your account to get more credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the email finder work?

Put first name, last name and domain of the prospects in a CSV file and upload the file to email finder and it seemlessly finds business email of the prospects in minutes and download the result as CSV.

Is there any max limit for number of prospects in a file?

Yes, you can upload only 25,000 records in a single file. Beyond that we throw an error.

Is email finder available in Free plan?

Yes, it is available to all the users in in Leadb.

Does credits reduced when I use email finder?

Yes, we reduce 1 credit for every email we find. We don't reduce credits if we're not able find the email.

How much time it takes for a file with 25,000 records?

It usually takes less than 30 minutes to find email for 25,000 records.

What is the format of the CSV file?

The format is first name, last name and domain. If it is not in this format, we dont find email.